About Us

It’s an Upwork world. Your agency shouldn’t be staffed like it’s a Mad Men one.

Three Over Four proudly works only with marketing free agents. That’s right: only contractors. We’re operating in the age of Upwork and Fiverr, and we embrace it. Three Over Four helps clients take advantage of the value that scalable, remote, diverse, and independent talent provides by constantly curating our bench and investing in the same high-performing team-building activities as legacy-staffed agencies to deliver cohesive, seamless operations for our clients.

Anchored by a core team, we scale and flex to meet the needs of our clients. No ego, no size insecurities.

Name Story

Three Over Four refers to a polyrhythm: multiple rhythms played in the same time. Three beats over four beats during the same time period is a simple polyrhythm. And a nice brand.

We like polyrhythms because they represent richness in diverse ideas and the inclusive cultures that welcome them. And we approach our work with polymathic and strategic thinking—different sources of data coming together for direction and meaning. These are the kinds of values that drive us as a firm. Kind of like a multitool. Our strength is in our… well, in our poly.


Polyrhythms also bind us. If we can learn to listen for the common beat that syncs each of our different rhythms, then that’s a step toward honoring the humanity in everyone.

Musicians sometimes use mnemonics to learn how to play polyrhythms. Pass the salt and pepper is a mnemonic for Three Over Four:

Understanding polyrhythms is also the most effective path to influence: Understanding and aligning shared values, and building brands that move all stakeholders to a brand’s groove.

More on polyrhythms:

Love this team.

The Three Over Four core team having fun on zoom, per normal