About Us

Since 2008, Three Over Four has operated with a client-side perspective.

We’re the brand and marketing agency we always wanted to hire. We’re as much an extension of your marketing team as an agency. And we’re finding new ways to add value to clients with each engagement.

Three Over Four was born of the Free Agent Age. We take advantage of the ever-increasing talent pool of free agent marketing professionals, pulling together the right teams for our clients. Diverse and constantly curated. Right talented, right sized, right experienced, and right budgeted—that’s our model.

It’s also a much more agile model with more value and less risk. If a campaign isn’t working we can pivot resources quickly into different areas of marketing communications.

The Founder

Aaron Templer is a 20+ year marketing professional and active hobbyist musician. Along with founding and running Three Over Four, Aaron is an American Marketing Association (AMA) professional instructor, a past president of the Colorado AMA, and current President the AMA’s Professional Chapters Council which advises the national organization and advises, mentors, and develops leadership training for all the local chapter leaders across the country.

Name Story

Three Over Four refers to a polyrhythm: multiple rhythms played in the same time. Three beats over four beats during the same time period is a simple polyrhythm. And a nice brand.

We like polyrhythms because they represent richness in diverse ideas and inclusive cultures that welcome them, polymathic thinking, and strategy (different sources of data coming together for direction and meaning). These are the kinds of values that drive us as a firm. Kind of like a multitool. Our strength is in our… well, in our poly.


Polyrhythms also bind us. If we can learn to listen for the common beat that syncs each of our different rhythms? Well then that’s a step toward honoring the humanity in everyone.

Musicians sometimes use mnemonics to learn how to play polyrhythms. Pass the salt and pepper is a mnemonic for Three Over Four:

From an influence perspective, understanding polyrhythms are the most effective path to influence: Understanding and aligning shared values, and acting as servants to all stakeholders.

the three over four core team
The Three Over Four core team: Aaron, Paula, and Blanca.

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