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Inspiration comes to me from a variety of places. None more important than jazz music. And the groove that drives it.

Groove is about alignment. Welcoming a variety of voices with humility and aligning them toward a common vision. You need not convince a jazz musician that Jim Collins’ Level Five Leadership can achieve great things. Jazz musicians have long lived in this place.

Imagine a Nextel ad featuring jazz musicians running things. Real time collaboration among heavy pros who’re masters of their disciplines. A clear line of sight toward an audacious vision. And aligned. Always aligned.

Good, grooving marcom is like the rhythm section of a jazz band. Aligned strategies and execution of the marcom disciplines, connected to the larger business imperatives. All performed with exceptional creativity. To paraphrase the great drummer Jeff Watts, marcom should deliver individual and team expression in conjunction with a high level of performance within its prime function.

(Apologies, Tain.)

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