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Another Marketing Profs Published Piece

I was fortunate to be published again in Marketing Profs. This time, I co-authored with the brilliant Nicole Gravagna, a neuroscientist and behavioral design sage. What a thrill to reconnect with Nicole. I always learn so much from her mind.

The piece excerpts some concepts from my book, Leading in a Social World. Social media marketers are in (literally) a different head space when engaging in social media, and this biases them to how social constructs actually generate value. It also contributes to strong biases when evaluating the data related to social media marketing’s effectiveness, which when you really dig into it (which I have, in my book, the relevant chapter of which is also excerpted in this blog post), isn’t much. It sometimes can even damaged brand value.

Thanks to Marketing Profs, and to you for checking it out! Reach out if you want to discuss it, have a bone to pick, or how Three Over Four can put our unique approach to community-building to work for your organization.


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