Iconic Values

When we wrote our Values and Positioning, it was clear that we wanted some icons to represent the concepts, but couldn’t in a million years use something off-the-shelf. The values are too heart-felt. So we asked Paula Lee—The Asset, our all-around manager of projects and operations—to create them. She’s an amazing artist, and just like she pours all of herself into making clients pleased and projects delivered, she went all in. We’re honored to have her talent and sensibilities on our website.

Here’s her Artist Statement:

My concept process in creating these 5 abstract icons is this:

  1. Read each statement
  2. Extract words/relationships
  3. Feel
  4. Doodle
  • Pen on paper
  • Import drawing to procreate.art
  • Redraw over lines digitally

Within each icon, there are elements I bring in that I feel represent Three Over Four:

  • Roots to show growth
  • Dots to show consistency & flow
  • Arrows to show guidance
  • Counts of 3’s or 4’s of something (ex: 4 flowers, 3 arrows)
  • The 3O4 logo of 3 bars slyly hidden/separated/incorporated

Hope you find joy interpreting each abstract icon and finding easter eggs of your own!