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Speaking at CBCA’s Leadership Arts

The Colorado Business Committee for the Arts is a terrific organization in here in Denver. They’re a true advocate for...
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Marketing Social web Three Over Four Approach

Digital Marketing. Or, Marketing.

A friend, mentor, and professor of mine was a leading voice in southern poetry. He wrote profoundly about many things,...
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Branding Reputation Management Social Capital Three Over Four Approach

Getting over ourselves

Thinking beyond yourself when you're a teenager is as difficult as understanding #talklikeyourbestfriend as an adult. Relationships were limited because...
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Social Capital Social web Three Over Four Approach

Not the viral you were hoping for

Don't you love the surveys like this one that pit congress approval ratings against things like lice and (worse) replacement...
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Creative Mind Three Over Four Approach

Three things artists knew before you did

Have you ever worked with someone who considers him or herself an artist first and a working professional second? You...
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Leadership Three Over Four Approach

Practice helps understand influence

To the creative process, practice is critical. I've long been intrigued by the notion that artists (like athletes) spend 95%...
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Branding Leadership Three Over Four Approach

Extraordinary expectations. Or none at all. Whatever.

I play percussion for a South Asian dance troupe. Many of the dancers are young women with such high energy...
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Branding Marketing Three Over Four Approach

No more. No less.

Last year, I busted out a few guest posts for the blog Please Feed The Animals. When I asked Erik...
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