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Branding Marketing Three Over Four Approach

Shame on the brand? Or shame on the agency?

Are values solely the domain of the client? The brand? Watch this video. Maybe not new to many of you,...
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Creative Mind Three Over Four Approach

How artists can make the rest of the world listen

We need to listen to artists. If you’re an artist this isn’t news. But it is, apparently, a fully baffling...
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Branding Three Over Four Approach

3-3-1 Brand Strategy

Let’s get to the simple side of complexity. Try this on for size, fellow branding geeks. Branding happens in three...
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Branding Presenting Social web

Remarkable, thy hair is red

A remarkable person has just landed a guest columnist gig with Entrepreneur Magazine. Erika Napolefuckintano. The Readhead. I say Entrepreneur...
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Creative Mind

Three ways a creative mind can help you communicate

I spent some time with Nicole today, one of my favorite designers in the universe. It reminded me why I (all...
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Apologizing when you’re Groupon, Rep. Lynn Jenkins, or Married

If you feel like you need to apologize more in your life, here are three suggestions. 1) Hold a public...
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Branding Creative Mind

Is that a little idea in your pocket?

Once I planned to write a book of poems entirely about the things in my pocket. But I found it...
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Good branding is a croc

Every now and then we’re reminded that the Niwot, Colorado-based fashion company Crocs is about to die. On their last...
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