Creative Mind

Three ways a creative mind can help you communicate

I spent some time with Nicole today, one of my favorite designers in the universe. It reminded me why I (all…
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Apologizing when you’re Groupon, Rep. Lynn Jenkins, or Married

If you feel like you need to apologize more in your life, here are three suggestions. 1) Hold a public…
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Branding Creative Mind

Is that a little idea in your pocket?

Once I planned to write a book of poems entirely about the things in my pocket. But I found it…
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Good branding is a croc

Every now and then we’re reminded that the Niwot, Colorado-based fashion company Crocs is about to die. On their last…
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Three Over Four Approach

Director of Social Capital and other cool stuff

I nursed a cold in front of the TV Friday night. Given the election season in Colorado, this was an…
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Leadership Marketing

A few ways to stop intellectual load shedding

There are many places in the world that have regular “load shedding,” or rolling blackouts. It’s a fact of daily…
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Three Over Four Approach

Your client the leader

Not that anyone who knows me or reads this blog (both of you) needs another rant about people who rant…
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Branding Marketing Social web

The Agnostic Brand

True story: A guy robs several Pittsburgh banks fully undisguised. His face is recognized clearly on video surveillance, and he…
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