Social web Three Over Four Approach

A simple idea for better listening

This is by far the best quote about listening that I’ve ever run across. Ordinary listeners only listen until they…
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Branding Three Over Four Approach

The hypocrisy of branding

If we practiced what we preached, we’d stop calling it brand. The center of what branding is has been completely…
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Social web Three Over Four Approach

Social media: same game. Different mediums.

This video is a slide from social media and personal branding presentations I give. appleads_med It supports points I make…
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Branding Creative Mind Three Over Four Approach

Complete planning: Keeping the right brain in (your) mind

I keep reading Daniel Pink’s book A Whole New Mind. It helps me keep many things in mind, including the…
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Branding Marketing

It’s not the economy. It’s the creative, stupid.

Think about what it would be like if you started from scratch. If there was no such thing as advertising…
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Branding Reputation Management Three Over Four Approach

Song of my SEO: What if you are large? What if you contain multitudes?

My father wasn’t much of an arts and entertainment kind of guy and he had but a few jokes at…
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Branding Marketing Reputation Management Three Over Four Approach

Strategy, branding and health care: Why values go beyond benevolence

Ed Stein,, reprinted with permission If the current dialog about health care reform can teach us anything, it highlights…
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Marketing Social Capital

How I ruined Summer Toast 2009

If you’ve ever been the person at a trade show booth or behind an event table, you could really feel…
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