Working with [founder Aaron Templer and his team] was like working with a colleague, not an agency. Because we shared an intellectual curiosity about the project, we were able to hurdle strategic obstacles and accomplish program goals with ease. Even when they came to me about budget, it was never in a contrarian spirit. No battles, just brainstorming.

Andrew Cole Program Manager, Colorado Secretary of State’s Office

Branding and Marketing Consulting

We provide branding and marketing services for organizations who’ve come to realize that managing their brand is every bit as important as the other disciplines in their business. We’re not for everyone: We add value when the investment in your story and the people needed to spread it is just as important as anything else you do.

Three Over Four is unlike other marketing firms in that we borrow from the leadership discipline as much as the marketing one when executing on our branding and marketing services. Why? Because we’re interested in influence, moving the people you need to advocate and act for your brand. Internal employees. New customers. Allies. Groups. We’re about building communities as much as generating leads.

[Founder Aaron Templer] brings coherence to an organization’s overall messaging strategy. The brand manifesto that Aaron produced for our undergraduate college spoke to our core values, our service commitments, and our expectations for staff and faculty interactions with students and their families. Aaron studied us with great care, and as a result generated a meaningful plan of action.

Stuart J. Sigman, Ph.D. Former Provost and Dean, Liberal Arts University

The Branding and Marketing Consulting Process

Our branding and marketing services are strategy-first. We typically start with our unique brand model: A five-to-eight dimension platform that articulates your brand’s story, position, stakeholders and why they should care. It’s a model that helps everyone become brand ambassadors, not just your marketing department. In other words, our brands are built for everyone in your organization, because everyone builds great brands.

We then build integrated marketing communications plans on this solid brand platform. Since Three Over Four is a highly flexible business model, your marketing plan will be right for your business context, not your agency’s. Our branding and marketing services are tactic-neutral. If we need to do puppet shows to reach your audience, that’s what we’ll do. (By the way, this is not a fictional scenario.)

[Founder Aaron Templer’s] presence and skill were invaluable at the early stages of my enterprise. His thoughtful guidance helped to bring forth a memorable name along with a brand that is now building a community of supporters and followers which continues to grow and connect with us in wonderful ways.

Tom Fanning Founder, Boomzaa

Branding and Marketing Campaign Services

Three Over Four implements and executes brand and marketing communications plans with a model born of the Free Agent Age. We pull together the right team for the project: right talented, right sized, right experienced, and right budgeted.

This stands in contrast to the traditional agency approach. Your team is built for you, delivering stronger value than traditional agencies. It’s also a much more agile model: If a campaign or a tactic isn’t working, we can pivot resources quickly into different areas.

We scale flexibly and quickly for our clients. We’re a fully capable agency for a wide range of campaigns across many brand and marketing areas:


Tag/Brand energy lines

Logos and identities


Lead generation

Inbound marketing

Digital marketing

Social media


Direct marketing

Public/media relations

Cultural shifts and training

Sales planning and integration
(deal flow, materials, training, tracking)

In-house creative department management and talent flow

Creative process management

Agency vetting and management

ROI and data tracking

[Three Over Four founder Aaron Templer] is a tremendously talented consultant and his approach and style bring forth great outcomes. When I started Go Code Colorado, I had no idea how to explain a first-of-its-kind government-funded civic software apps challenge that was designed to spur economic development. Enter Aaron. More than just create a tag line, brand name, and all the marketing collateral you’d expect, Aaron gave Go Code Colorado life—a brand everyone involved could believe in. He’s an unassuming marketing professional who gets things done.

Brian Gryth Delivery Manager, Ad Hoc and Founder/Former Program Manager, Go Code Colorado

Lead. Influence.

Because influence is the intersection between marketing and leadership, Three Over Four also consults in the area of leadership development. Past engagements include:

  • Strategic planning facilitation and consulting
  • Storytelling
  • Leading through change
  • Building and using social capital

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