A clear process. An outcome that integrates. Revised until it’s right.

Three Over Four’s original approach to branding is strategy-led, informed by research, and results in an easy-to-use-and-understand “platform” from which all marketing tactics can launch in an aligned and integrated way. 

Three Over Four brands pull it all together. We make sense of complexity.


Our Typical Branding Process

brand-marketing-service-quotesLong Term Strategies.

Many people think that branding’s just logo design and colors. It’s a lot deeper than that. Three Over Four provided insights that we couldn’t see ourselves. Their team was incredibly strategic with their direction and feedback. Understand that what you’ll get from an engagement with Three Over Four is a long-term strategy.

Client: Ivy Hastings, CEO, Fusionbox

Some Brand Strategy Engagements:

How we're different

The Three Over Four branding approach is different in three important ways:

How many revisions?

Until it's right.

Unlike other agencies, Three Over Four revises brand strategies, names, and logos to client satisfaction, not a specific number of revisions. Your brand, name, and identity is far too important to constrain to three rounds.

We provide plenty of guardrails along the way so no one is overwhelmed with options. And if this is the first time in the sausage factory, we’ll help you make sense of it all.

But our brands are crafted until they’re right. We’re that dedicated to the most important dimension of your marketing communications.

And, frankly, we’re that confident in our ability to deliver.

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Branding is a piece to Three Over Four’s solutions.

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