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Competition today: Who’s riding the Huffy?

NPR Guy interviewing Health Insurance Guy. Insurance guy* opining about why government run, public health insurance is a bad idea. How it’ll take us all down like some kind of a Mugabe economic initiative.

Insurance Guy is lobbying congress hard on our behalf because the government is inefficient, and the private sector isn’t.

NPR Guy**: Then why worry about it? If you and your company*** are so efficient, shouldn’t the market take care of that? Won’t an inefficient government-run program simply fail?

Great question. A question that cuts to heart of the argument, that exposes the straw man.

Cliff Kuang recently posted on FastCompany and he cuts right to this chase. You don’t bring your Huffy to challenge Lance Armstrong. If you want to beat Lance, you change the game.

The insurance industry should be afraid. They should be lobbying. The competition landscape is changing because a well-funded competitor is entering their space to solve a fundamental problem within it. A solid entrepreneur approach: recognize what’s broken and bring to bear something new to solve it.

The government isn’t interested in competing on the incumbent’s terms. They want to change the game and they have the resources (if not the competency) to do it.

Are you afraid of the competitive landscape defined by the Great Reset or inspired by it?


* Can you find this guy on Twitter or the blogosphere? I couldn’t.

** Steve Inskeep seems to be the only NPR person without a Twitter handle. He isn’t even on LinkedIn. Am I wrong?

*** Couldn’t find a blog for this company. Twitter accounts seem to be squatters. Can they compete in a world that they aren’t even communicating with?

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