AMA Digital Marketing Bootcamp in Washington, DC

Digital Marketing Changes Fast.

Daily advances in technology mean your digital marketing strategy needs to keep evolving. The AMA Digital Marketing Bootcamp will help you understand the latest best practices and equip you with the insights to stay ahead. Plus, it’s designed to help you prep for the AMA Professional Certified Marketer® Digital Marketing exam, which is a great way to prove your knowledge and feel confident in the work you’re doing.

Over two days, our knowledgeable and engaging instructors will help you better understand topics like marketing metrics, social media, email strategy, user experience, online advertising, SEO and content marketing. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll have a chance to network and put your new skills to work, too.


AMA Member:

  • Early Bird (Before 03/18/2020):  $1,395
  • Standard Pricing: $1,495

Standard Pricing:

  • Early Bird (Before 03/18/2020):  $1,745
  • Standard Pricing: $1,869

What to Expect

AMA Bootcamps are a collaborative experience where you’ll spend time in larger teaching sessions and smaller topic-based breakouts where you can put your learning to work through interactive exercises.













Free PCM® Digital Marketing Exam

When you attend the AMA Digital Marketing Bootcamp, you’ll also receive a free Professional Certified Marketer® Digital Marketing exam. Adding the letters P-C-M behind your name shows you have the skills to excel in digital marketing and are committed to understanding best practices. This bootcamp covers the majority of topics you’ll see on the test.

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