Digital Marketing Strategy Is Your Marketing Strategy

COVID-19 has shocked many of us into an accelerated timeline for digital transformation as our customers are online like never before, making digital channels the primary (if not only) ways by which customers interact with brands. Moreover, the consequences of the pandemic are unprecedented. No one knows what’s coming next or how the behavior of customers will change next, so marketers must listen to them to be ready to flex to their needs like never before.

This 3-hour virtual training session will help you define and sharpen your digital marketing strategy whether your digital marketing function is up and running or if you’re looking to start.


Price: $89

  • 3 hours of live instruction (11 a.m. – 2 p.m. CDT)
  • Includes interactive Q&A and hands-on exercises
  • Resources, templates, tips and best practices

After completing registration, you will receive a purchase receipt. We will email you the information for accessing this training closer to the event.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp Bundle

This session is part of a training bundle that includes the other classes below. You’ll receive access to the live teachings (and the recorded video of the session) plus the on-demand training videos listed below for just $299. That’s more than a 15% savings from buying each training individually.

All live events are from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. CDT.

Key Takeaways

  • Sharpen your understanding of strategy and why it’s critical for digital marketing success
  • Clarify the building blocks of a digital marketing strategy to build your digital marketing plan
  • Understand the interconnected digital marketing tactical areas and how they can work together to make each more effective


Aaron Templer
Founder and Strategist, Three Over Four

Aaron Templer is a leadership and marketing consultant with a music problem. As an award-winning, 20+ year marketing leader, Templer explores influence at the intersection of leadership and marketing through speaking, teaching and writing. He runs a marketing firm (Three Over Four), is an award-winning  AMA chapter past president, professional instructor, and AMA Professional Chapters Council volunteer.

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