Trailblazer Workshop: Leading in a Social World

AMA Executive Marketer Community Event – March 12 – Workshop & Reception

Speaker: Aaron Templer, Founding Principal, Three Over Four 
Event Schedule:

  • 4:00pm – 4:15pm – Registration and networking
  • 4:15pm – 5:15pm – Workshop
  • 5:15pm – 5:30pm – Q&A
  • 5:30pm – 6:30pm – Networking/reception

Workshop Description:

What if we told you nearly 70% of people mostly or always ignore social media posts from brands? And why is it, do you think that your marketing firm hasn’t told you this?

As our world becomes socially connected like never before, social capital—measurable, manageable value that’s accessed and shared through social networks—has become an exceedingly accessible and undeniably valuable resource for people and their organizations. But contrary to what many of us marketing people will tell you, socially connected systems reject marketing like a body kicking out a virus.

Leading In A Social World seeks to encourage anyone who’s using the social web as a way to influence and move people that they need to stop marketing to them and lead them instead, specifically by building and leveraging social capital: a learnable leadership discipline (not a marketing one) that’s finally come of age.

Organizations need to stop wasting effort and money by branding and marketing to social groups. People in social systems are eager for us to lead them instead.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to develop specific leadership skills to build an opted-in social group.
  • Why some people are successfully motivating others within social networks (and how they’re doing it).
  • How to use leadership acumen to build groups of people who love you, your brand, and your cause.

 About the Speaker: 

Aaron Templer is a marketer with a music problem. He has a brand and marketing firm—Three Over Four—that focuses on influence: the intersection of leadership and marketing. Three Over Four’s clients span many industries but they’re usually world-changers that have something driving them other than profit. Aaron is deeply involved with the American Marketing Association as an award-winning past president, professional instructor, and volunteer for their Professional Chapters Council where he mentors leaders in chapters around the country as well as speaks and facilitates at AMA conferences. Aaron is an off-and-on adjunct marketing and leadership professor and an active speaker and facilitator of his award-winning topic Leading in a Social World as well as other branding and leadership topics. He plays percussion in various projects around Denver (maybe a little too much), including with the three-time award-winning hip hop crew SF1 and as the Live Music Director for the SCFD-funded, Indian (South Asian) dance troupe Mudra Dance Studio.


  • (The registration link is password protected.  Please contact for information about attending this exclusive event including the password.)