Workshop Facilitator: AMA Puget Sound – Think Tuesday Workshop: Branding For The Rest of Us

Brand strategy and the process to develop one is critical for business success. In today’s crowded landscape, a brand can be the most important asset in your organization. But for some, creating a winning brand—what you do well, how you do it differently, and why it matters—is too opaque and confusing. Big brands and the firms they hire seem to want to keep their processes in the dark.

It doesn’t have to be.

The AMAPS Think Tuesday Workshop facilitator Aaron Templer, Founder and Strategist for Thee Over Four, has developed a model that any marketer can use to develop a winning brand strategy, and anyone in your organization can understand to become a brand advocate. You’ll walk away with a model you can use in your organization tomorrow, along with a few sketches of some brand dimensions to kick start the process.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Level-set brand and branding.
  • A unique (and graspable) model for the brand strategy creation process.
  • Workshop two of its dimensions with your marketing colleagues.


  • Understand the importance of branding, and learn an everyday language for explaining it to others.
  • A brand strategy model that scales for any context and any budget.
  • A kick-start to your brand process and a path forward.
Date June 11, 2019
Time 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Location Yesler