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How to quit

ExitI know someone with volunteerism in her blood. She’s sat on just about every board in her profession – sequentially, that is. She doesn’t board-bag. She ads value.

She’s starting her own organization now. The natural progression from member to leader to creator. It isn’t easy. She’ll be the first to tell you.

To make room for her new pursuits she had to quit a board with a cause she believes in and a president she admires. It was going to be hard, something she wasn’t looking forward to.

So how does someone so involved, so committed, quit?

She committed – gave her word – to the president that she would start the organization she’s working on. And that by so doing actually be able to help his organization more sustainably by feeding him new young leaders with an understanding of community involvement.

A great learning moment for me. Quit something by continuing to add value beyond your commitment. Quit something by remaining dedicated to the purpose – ensure it isn’t a fleeting interest.

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