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Listen: Three Over Four Polyrhythms!

We asked the composers/musicians/board members of the music nonprofit Playground Ensemble to interpret and record three over four polyrhythms for us. We’re releasing them one at time and collecting them in this post. Check it out!

Why? Every year, we ask our community to join us in celebrating Three Over Four Month (3/4 – 4/3… yeah, we know we’re running late, but when you’re talking about polyrhythms, linear time can be a flexible thing) by supporting a nonprofit with a music education focus.

Music means a lot to us, and we think it’s good for the world, too. With budget cuts hitting many schools and other publicly-funded music programs, it’s more important than ever to support music education.

Last year we (our clients, friends, colleagues, and internal 3o4’ers) raised enough money to fund a music education nonprofit’s kindergarten program for an entire year.

This year we’re partnering with the amazing Playground Ensemble. Playground reimagines and keeps chamber music alive in all kinds of groundbreaking ways, including music creation programs for over 3,000 K-12 students every year.

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Learn more about Playground’s education efforts here, or give right now to support our goal of raising $3,400 for Playgrounds music education efforts between now and, oh, three or four months from now.



What is Three Over Four?

Conceptually, here’s an explanation.

To hear it in practice, check out the videos above!

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