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By Aaron Templer

November marks nine years since Aaron Templer launched his own branding and marketing firm. He and a group of marketing pros and clients from across industries built strategies, brands, marketing communications plans, and executed full-service campaigns while continually seeking new ways to deliver higher value to clients.

After nine years of giving life and growth to others’ brands, it’s finally time to give life to his own.

The time is right to make a move away from the I to the We. To shift focus from Aaron Templer to the team of marketing professionals Three Over Four has become.

We’re excited and proud to introduce the world to Three Over Four: A strategy-first agency built to be the kind of firm we always wanted to hire.

We’d be thrilled to have you follow us, talk with us, learn with us, and share our stories and those of our clients through any of our social channels.

Also, how about some kudos to Justin Stollsteimer, whose identity and web design is beyond compare. Our new logo is more art than mark, and he provided invaluable advice beyond the designs along the way.

And Blanca McKissick who, truth be told, was the impetus for this brand launch in the first place. She hasn’t just helped make it happen. She’s the energy behind all of it.

Want to celebrate with us with some sweet Three Over Four stickers? Click here and tell us where to send them.


  • Congrats Aaron–the time is right–all the best to your new incarnation–in a marketplace of clutter and ego, a curated “we” has never been more relevant–and more necessary. Having a core group of people shifts the focus and makes everything easier: that’s something we all need to make our message resonate. I hope you have a rug that makes the room–and lots of hot coffee to warm your hands while you percolate ideas. Here’s to collaboration, greater EQ–and massive success! Mindy

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