Remarkable, thy hair is red

ErikaNA remarkable person has just landed a guest columnist gig with Entrepreneur Magazine.

Erika Napolefuckintano. The Readhead.

I say Entrepreneur is lucky to have her.

For anyone who’s attended one of my presentations – Branding for the Rest of Us or Leading in a Social World – you’ve probably heard me talk about Erika. I often use her as an example of remarkability – a section where I mash-up Jim Collins and Seth Godin to talk about declaring and being that thing that sets you apart.

I use Erika for two reasons. One, I try my hardest to avoid the banal and not-very-helpful examples of Apple and Starbucks. And two, because she’s the perfect example of being remarkable.

Here’s the slide from the section of my Leading in a Social World presentation. You tell me if Erika isn’t a shining example of a leader who demonstrates characteristics of remarkability:

AT_Remarkability.026 copy

When I talk about Erika in presentations – her f-bombs, her sex columns, her bitch slapping – I often get quizzical looks from the audience. Love or hate her brand, I say, she’s authentic to the end. Everyone knows what they’re gonna get, they always get it, and they know exactly how to remark about her. And remark about her we do. A lot.

Kudos my friend. Looking forward to having you up in my business for a long time to come.

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