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Song of my SEO: What if you are large? What if you contain multitudes?

M200px-Walt_Whitman_edit_2y father wasn’t much of an arts and entertainment kind of guy and he had but a few jokes at his disposal. One of them was a Bill Cosby take on doing drugs. Goes something like this:

“People say that drugs enhance your personality. Yes, but… what if you’re an asshole?”

So to be discovered on Google I should be consistent. Be a one-note blogger. Write myopic web copy.

Yes, but… what if I’m multitudinous? What if the value I add to clients and the world is an ability to connect and align seemingly disparate data points into a cohesive and effective strategy that uncovers efficiencies and new ideas? What if I see branding as much about leadership as marketing? What if I find as much professional inspiration from Walt Whitman as Seth Godin?

I don’t want to be known for what Google says I’m known for. I don’t like how it evaluates people and their value. A good yellow pages. Not a good relationship builder.

We are large. We contain multitudes. Sign me up for references and conversations.

That’s my context, anyway. Not the right approach for all brands and clients. (Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself.)

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