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Our Annual Fundraiser for Music Education

Our Annual Fundraiser for Music Education
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Every year we’re stoked for Three Over Four Month—3/4 through 4/3—where we take time to celebrate another year of our community of partners, clients, and friends (it’s been 15 of those years… can you believe it?). And also when we support music education.

We’d love it if you could help!

Over the years, your generosity has made a huge difference! In just the past two years, together we raised enough money to fund El Sistema’s kindergarten program for an entire year and enough to expand The Playground Ensemble’s education efforts into another community.

This year, we’re juiced to raise $3,400 for Education Through Music-Colorado (ETM-CO). Our new non-profit partner strives to make music education equitable by collaborating with under-resourced schools to build sustainable music programs. ETM-CO focuses on Title I schools in low-income neighborhoods, where the free and reduced lunch student program population is greater than 82%. Their commitment guarantees that every student, including those with special needs, has access to music education. Currently their resources allow them to serve 2,000 ECE-8 students (88% belong to minority groups). Learn more about ETM-CO.

Music means a lot to 3O4

And we think it’s good for the world, too. With budget cuts hitting many schools and other publicly-funded music programs, it’s more important than ever to support music education.

Learning an instrument improves mental health.

Music education strengthens language and reasoning, promotes success in society, and does a whole bunch of other stuff.

Plus, students have to learn how to practice, which has all kinds of positive benefits.

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