Our values are our position.

We work with organizations and people that have values at their center.

That’s our market position. It puts us out of contention for a lot of organizations, but in rhythm with plenty of others across all kinds of industries. We’ve worked with large institutions, medium-sized B2Bs and tech startups. A small dental practice, a women’s health thought leader and an anti-racist political candidate. We’ve helped small public health organizations, school safety nonprofits and large government efforts. It boils down to this: We’re at our best when our people’s values align with our clients’. Because a strong social contract is always more binding than a strong transactional one. 

If your heart and values aren’t in it, we’re not for you.

We build teams of free agents that are right for the moment and client. 

We use a constantly curated, deep and rich pool of free-agent talent who are independent in their approach because they aren’t pressured to put an agency ethos ahead of client value. While many agencies operate with contract employees to one degree or another but prefer to hide it from clients, we think we do it better and see it as a competency that sets us apart.

If you’re impressed by an agency that boasts of a big full-time staff, we’re not for you.

We’re full-service.

We add the most value when we can pull multiple levers. That’s because marketing is most effective when there are multiple levers being pulled, all in a coordinated way.

If we can’t at a minimum collaborate with your other internal or other agency marketing efforts, we’re not for you.

We’re small and nimble.

We flex to client needs, not to a rigid set of tactical ideas. And growth has always been an outcome for us, not a goal. So our size flexes. Just like the real world of business. Just like the real world of client needs.

If you’re impressed by slow-to-turn aircraft carriers, we’re not for you.

Our team comes first.

This is a hard thing to say to potential clients, but the 3o4 team comes first because we’re humans and we have to work here. We take time to check in with one another. We leave space to process and practice and connect and innovate. We make room to prioritize health and human kindness. Yes, we do better work for clients when we’re feeling connected and validated. But we connect and validate each other because we’re humans.

If you treat your business partners as humans that are a part of your team, we’re for you.


We don’t come from or chase big brands.

We’re driven by big hearts with clear values instead. Creativity is a ticket to play in this business, so we try not to talk about it but demonstrate it instead. We try our best to walk the talk, hold ourselves accountable to results and embrace the richness of the world in all its multiplicity.

We’re human. We’re polyrhythmic. We’re Three Over Four.

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